Types of culverts that are acceptable for Liberty Township

  • Minimum of 30’ long
  • Minimum Diameter of 12”
  • Steel pipe has to be 1⁄4” thick
  • HD Storm Drain
  • Steel Reinforced Concrete

Repair and replacement of road signs, clearing culverts, patching and road restoration is an everyday occurrence.  The crew carries out routine and preventative maintenance of Township equipment along with upkeep of buildings and grounds.


Seasonal tasks, such as ice and snow removal, debris removal, mowing and vegetation removal, add to the crew's daily demands.  The crew has the ability to change direction on a daily basis and is dependent on many variables.  While they attempt to work an eight-hour day, weather conditions, accidents and other emergencies bring them out after-hours, as they respond to the ongoing needs in Liberty Township.


Dave and Greg carry out the duties and responsibilities of maintaining nearly 55 miles of Liberty Township roads.  This does not include State and County roads in our Township.

Dave C. Keller
Road Supervisor
Gregory A. Vannatta
Road Worker
Liberty Township Maintenance Office
2060 Reynoldsburg Baltimore Road NW
Baltimore, Ohio 43105